5th RSEP Social Sciences Conference
07-10  November, 2017 Barcelona

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Date of Publication: November, 2017
ISBN: 978-605-307-788-6

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Konrad Gunesch
p.p: 1-12
Socio-Economic, Cultural and Ecological Implications of Gaming and Tourism in Asia: The Pacific Region between Tradition and Modernity Regarding Comprehensively Entertaining, Family-Oriented and Culturally Preserving Heritage Travel

with DOI Number https://doi.org/10.19275/RSEPCONFERENCES103

Ksenija Vuković, Irena Kedmenec, Kristina Detelj
p.p: 13-19
Discourse of Social Entrepreneurs in Croatia

with DOI Number https://doi.org/10.19275/RSEPCONFERENCES104

Burak Pirgaip
p.p: 20-29
The Causal Relationship Between Stock Markets and Policy Uncertainty in OECD Countries
with DOI Number https://doi.org/10.19275/RSEPCONFERENCES105

Alicja Winnicka-Popczyk
p.p: 30-46
Selected Aspects of Innovation Financing in Polish Family Firms
with DOI Number https://doi.org/10.19275/RSEPCONFERENCES106

Wojciech Popczyk
p.p: 47-52
Family Social Capital Versus Nepotism in Family Businesses
with DOI Number https://doi.org/10.19275/RSEPCONFERENCES107

Małgorzata Juchniewicz
p.p: 53-68
Food Industry in EU Countries Production Resources and Competitive Position of Food Industry in EU Countries
with DOI Number https://doi.org/10.19275/RSEPCONFERENCES108

Rania Ramadan Moawad, Fakhry El Fikky, Samy El Sayed
p.p: 69-83
The Realation Between Development of Financial Sector and Economic Growth: Applied Study on Egypt,France and Malaysia
with DOI Number https://doi.org/10.19275/RSEPCONFERENCES109

Ivan Zilic
p.p: 84-103
Decomposing the Effect of Childhood Environment on Earnings
with DOI Number https://doi.org/10.19275/RSEPCONFERENCES110

Manjula Gunarathna
p: 104
Factors Influencing for International Tourists? Re-Visit Intention:
With Special Reference to Galle Tourist Zone in Sri Lanka
with DOI Number https://doi.org/10.19275/RSEPCONFERENCES111

Anulawathie Menike
p: 105
Occupational Inequalities and Job Satisfaction of Employees:
A Comparison Between Rural and Urban Sector in Sri Lanka
with DOI Number https://doi.org/10.19275/RSEPCONFERENCES112

Wanninayake M. Semasinghe
p: 106
Livelihood Diversification and Its Impact on Well-Being of Indigenous People in Sri Lanka:
With Special Reference to Vadda Community
with DOI Number https://doi.org/10.19275/RSEPCONFERENCES113

Osantha Nayanapriya Thalpawila
p: 107
A Study on Theoretical Aspects of Post War Peacebuilding
with DOI Number https://doi.org/10.19275/RSEPCONFERENCES114

Seetha Bandara
p: 108
Factors Affecting Remittances and Its Usage in the Rural Communities:Special Reference to Rural-to-Urban Labour Migration in Sri Lanka
with DOI Number https://doi.org/10.19275/RSEPCONFERENCES115

Irena Chiru
p: 109
Social Perception on Security Risk – A Missing Element of the Security Culture
with DOI Number https://doi.org/10.19275/RSEPCONFERENCES116

Sanem Küçükkömürler, Sinem  Baltaci
p.p: 110-116
Gender on Self-Definitions in Work-Related and Relational Contexts:Are Women and Men Different or Similar?
with DOI Number https://doi.org/10.19275/RSEPCONFERENCES117

Ravindra Hewa Kuruppuge, Ales Gregar
p: 117
Does Knowledge Sharing Differ on the Job and Employees Characteristics?A Study of Family Businesses
with DOI Number https://doi.org/10.19275/RSEPCONFERENCES118

Asankha Pallegedara, Michael Grimm
p: 118
Why Out-of-Pocket Health Expenses Rise Under Free Health Care Policy?Empirical Analysis Based on Sri Lankan Household Surveys
with DOI Number https://doi.org/10.19275/RSEPCONFERENCES119

Efe Can Kilinc, Nazan Sahbaz Kilinc, Ufuk Dogan
p: 119
The Effect Of Operational Expenses On Sales Revenues:An Application On The BIST Informatics and Technology Firms
with DOI Number https://doi.org/10.19275/RSEPCONFERENCES120

Ali Fegheh Majidi, Saeede Gowdini, Parvin Alimoradi Afshar

p.p: 120-131
An Investigation of the Impacts of Energy Export on Economic Growth
with DOI Number 

Marie Kalkusova, Tereza De Castro

p: 132
Rising Rates of Caesarian Section Deliveries in the Czech Republic and Brazil:Determinants, Costs and Economic Implications
with DOI Number https://doi.org/10.19275/RSEPCONFERENCES122

Burcu Ilgaz Yıldırım, Furkan Yıldırım, Mustafa Gülmez
p: 133
Econometrically Examining the Effect of Publicity Budgets on Tourism Demand: The Case of Turkey
with DOI Number https://doi.org/10.19275/RSEPCONFERENCES123

Cigdem Demir, Boran Toker, Sibel Selim

p: 134
Tourism Demand Modelling of Turkey: Time Varying Parameter Approach
with DOI Number https://doi.org/10.19275/RSEPCONFERENCES124

Nicola Rubino

p: 135
In and Out-of-Sample Performance of Non Simmetric Models in International Price Differential Forecasting in a Commodity Country Framework
with DOI Number https://doi.org/10.19275/RSEPCONFERENCES125

Serap Alkaya, V. Ruya Ehtiyar

p: 136
Effects of Demographic Variables to Job Security Satisfaction:An Application for Five Star Hotels in Antalya
with DOI number https://doi.org/10.19275/RSEPCONFERENCES126

Hangil Park
p: 137
Application of AHP Methodology on Government Budget Allocation Setting
with DOI Number https://doi.org/10.19275/RSEPCONFERENCES127

Ivan Milenkovic, Branimir Kalas

p: 138-147
The Impact of Taxes on Economic Growth in OECD Countries
with DOI Number https://doi.org/10.19275/RSEPCONFERENCES128

Ndari Surjaningsih, Moh. Nuryazidi, Laura G. Gabriella
p.p: 139-155
Impact of Government Domestic Financing on Banking Deposits: Indonesia Case Study
with DOI Number https://doi.org/10.19275/RSEPCONFERENCES129

Ragchaa Jargaltuya
p: 156
Mongolian Students’ Learning Strategies in Mastering English Receptive Skills
with DOI Number https://doi.org/10.19275/RSEPCONFERENCES130

Sansarmaa Khurelbaatar,
József Balázs Fejes

p: 157
Educational Resilience in the Light of International Student Assessments
with DOI Number https://doi.org/10.19275/RSEPCONFERENCES131

Mehmet M. Ozaydin, Omer Can Cevik, Banu Karakas
p: 158
The Problem of Structuring Turkish Vocational Education System andToward a New Design for Turkey
with DOI Number https://doi.org/10.19275/RSEPCONFERENCES132

Merve Ertene, Tufan Cotok

p: 159
Reconsidering our Conceptualization of Matter as the Ground of Ecological Problems
with DOI Number https://doi.org/10.19275/RSEPCONFERENCES133

Zehra Sevim, Gulsum Karacetin Sarikaya

p: 160
Evaluation on the Sociology-Architectural Relationship in the Individual-Space Perspective
with DOI Number https://doi.org/10.19275/RSEPCONFERENCES134

Lucija Rogić Dumančić, Velibor Mačkić
p.p: 161-175
What Drives Competitiveness: The Case of New EU Member States
with DOI Number https://doi.org/10.19275/RSEPCONFERENCES135

Binhan Elif Yilmaz

p: 176
Domestic Original Sin in Public Debt Management: The Case of TURKEY (1996-2016)
with DOI Number https://doi.org/10.19275/RSEPCONFERENCES136

Zorica Celikovic

p: 177
Does Entrepreneurial Orientation Influence Business Success?
with DOI Number https://doi.org/10.19275/RSEPCONFERENCES137

Aleksandra Dordovic

p: 178
External Imbalances in Post Crisis World: A Quantile Panel Perspective
with DOI Number https://doi.org/10.19275/RSEPCONFERENCES138

Sabina Kolodziej

p: 179
Why Do People Give Others Their Own Money? The Crowdfunding Phenomenon
with DOI Number https://doi.org/10.19275/RSEPCONFERENCES139

H. Bayram Isik, M. Veysel Kaya, M. Gokhan Ozdemir

p: 180
Pros and Cons of Sovereign Wealth Funds: A Snapshot Analysis for Turkey
with DOI Number 

Joanna Prystrom
p.p: 181-197
Eco-Innovativeness of European Union Member Countries in the Light of Public Sector Innovation
with DOI Number https://doi.org/10.19275/RSEPCONFERENCES141

Selim Cengiz, Ufuk Dogan

p: 198
Determinants of the Going-Concern Assumption in Financial Reporting: The Case of TURKEY
with DOI Number https://doi.org/10.19275/RSEPCONFERENCES142

Panornuang Sudasna Na Ayudhya

p.p: 199-205
The Analysis of Thai-Lao-Vietnamese 1st Order Entity Word using Bi-Directional Translation
with DOI Number https://doi.org/10.19275/RSEPCONFERENCES143

Catalin-Ioan Clipa

p: 206
Organizational and Interpersonel Trust in Working Contract Negotiations

with DOI Number https://doi.org/10.19275/RSEPCONFERENCES144

Katarzyna Wierzbicka
p: 207-214
Knowledge and Its Influence on the Development of Innovative Activities
with DOI Number  https://doi.org/10.19275/RSEPCONFERENCES145

Patrycja Chodnicka-Jaworska

p: 215
Credit Ratings and Financial Crises- Changes, Trends, Solutions
with DOI Number https://doi.org/10.19275/RSEPCONFERENCES146

H. Bayram Isik, M. Veysel Kaya, Bayram Veli Doyar

p: 216
Corruption and Income Inequality in OECD Countries
with DOI Number https://doi.org/10.19275/RSEPCONFERENCES147
H. Bayram Isik, Nazan Sahbaz Kilinc, Efe Can Kilinc
p: 217
The Effect of R&D Expenditures on Economic Growth:An Application at the Level of Spain NUTS-2 Region
with DOI Number 

Enrique Vasquez Huaman

The Paradox Between Good Economic Managament and Social Unrest in Colombia: 2000-2015
with DOI Number