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Proposal for a Bankruptcy Prediction Model with Modified
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On the Adequacy of The Spanish Pension
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Does Oman Surmount the Effects of the
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Regional and
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Average Industrial Financial Statements
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Credit Risk – One of
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The Adaptation of Institutions to the
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The Role of Accounting Information System in Business in Terms of Corporate
Governance and Social Responsibility of Accounting in Crisis Periods and a

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The Structure of Financial Reporting and Accounting, Albanian Case
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A Case-Study of Kuwait Finance House: Issues and Concerns in the Financial
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Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as a Social Development Strategy
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Do Differentiated Wages Improve Polyclinics Performance in Kazakhstan?
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Turkish-Armenian Relations in Post-Soviet Era: A Political Economy Perspective
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Financial Diplomacy: New Dimensions and
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Organizational Attractiveness of

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Economic Theory, Ethics and Stability
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