Open Access Policy

RSEP Conference Proceedings is an open access proceedins. Open Access means that all content is free of charge to the researchers and institutions. Also Authors are required to agree with this open access policy. Researchers are enabled to read, download, copy, print, or link to the full texts of the articles in this journal without asking prior permission from the publisher or the author.

Copyright Policy

RSEP Conferences uses Creative Commons copyright license policy CC-BY. Copyrights remain with the authors. The authors give permission to the RSEP Conferences to publish their work and agree that users are allowed to copy and redistribute the work, transform and build upon it by sign the RSEP Conferences Copyright Agreement

Peer-Review Process

A double-blind peer review method is used to evaluate papers submitted for presentation at a conference and publication in the conference proceedings. If the following standards are not fully completed, submitted papers may be rejected without being sent out for review:
The article is simple to read and free of jargon. The grammar is correct and the language is straight forward.
The article is relevant to the conference goals and scope, and it provides fresh information and research findings.
There should be no unethical publishing or research procedures in the article.
Referees are invited to rate the paper as acceptable for presentation and publication, acceptable with revisions and improvements, or not acceptable.
The conference chair receives a peer evaluation of the work from each referee. The referees’ role is purely consultative. The evaluation procedure normally takes two weeks to complete. An acceptance note is subsequently sent to the authors of the accepted articles.

Plagiarism Policy

When a manuscript is submitted to RSEP Conferences, the editor/editors conducts an initial control in regard to plagiarism with the help of plagiarism check programs. We are using “Turnitin” plagiarism program. If the content of the paper is plagiarized less than 15%, the author or authors may be requested to revise the manuscript. If considerable plagiarism (>15%) is noticed in manuscript content or part therefore, the manuscript is straight away rejected.

Publication and Submission Fees

No fees or charges are required from authors for manuscript processing. Authors pay only for conference registration fee.